Confidently start,
navIgAte & nail your
home renovation

Get your dream home – one you love,  love living in 
+ are proud to show off, on time + on budget
…while having a whole lotta fun getting there
even if you’ve never renovated before


Are you thinking about renovating your home
or building a new one?

and are worried about...

  • Blowing your budget or it not being enough to get you the home you’ve been dreaming of – let’s face it you don’t have a money tree growing in the backyard.

  • You’ve never done this before and you have no idea where to even start

  • Even after spending all that time and money, you’ll stuff it up and still not have the home you want.

  • Overwhelmed by the thought of dealing with the builder, designer, and just everyone involved? Let alone being taken advantage of or ripped off…you’ve heard the stories…

  • How you are going to fit one more thing into your already busy lifeespecially such a  disruptive and intrusive process.

  • How to avoid all the pitfalls and costly mistakes… this is your one shot and you need to get it right

  • Wading through the enormous amount of info out there – and having not one clue about what is the right advice and what well…isn’t…

And if you can come to grips with all that…there’s the ENDLESS stream of horror stories that e..v..e..r..y. .b..o..d..y gleefully tells you the instant you mention building a new home.

Modern home and garden renovation

The Zen Reno is an online learning hub that gives homeowners the tools, knowledge + support they need to successfully nail their home renovation


It is specifically for homeowners [especially first timers] who want to confidently take control of and manage their ‘dream home’ project… so they can start living the ‘dream’… no more crossed fingers, no more throwing darts at the wall hoping that it’ll all just magically work out…

Home renovation is one of the biggest investments, other than your home, that you’ll make in your lifetime. And it’s something that will affect your life every single single day.

More and more homeowners are choosing to renovate their homes each and every day…

Yet there is next to no support [unbiased support that is,] for first time home renovators. 

There is an expectation that homeowners should ‘magically’ just know how to do this successfully…

This MYTH needs to change….

You deserve a gorgeous home you
absolutely love and
one you are proud to show off…

Are you committed to renovating your home,

whether it’s a few rooms or the whole shebang…

and are ready to...

  • Take the reins and do this confident in the knowledge that you have the tools + knowhow + the support to get this right

  • Confidently play a lead role in your project so you can have the immense satisfaction of knowing that you are instrumental in making your dream a reality.

  • Make great decisions and finish your project with no regrets

  • Defy the naysayers and avoid becoming a reno statistic or causality because you have the tools and knowledge to do this thing – right…the first time 

  • Be confident that you will get max possible bang for your hard-earned buck.

Many homeowners are blindsided by the sheer number of step and decisions that need to be made along their home reno journey… and these steps need to be addressed no matter the size or complexity of your project,

Without a clear understanding of the journey ahead. It’s way too easy to feel overwhelmed, not to mention waste your precious time and hard-earned money during the process.

That’s why we developed a roadmap to give you a simple, practical, easy-to-digest system to nail your home renovation project.

We will show you the right steps to take and the right order to take them



No more falling down the rabbit hole...wandering aimlessly for ever… Get some actionable training all in one place… so you can spend your time nailing your project rather than surfing the ‘net still dreaming about it...


Do you wanna know our secrets? Fast Track your learning curve as we share with you ‘how to’ confidently nail your home reno project. We’ve got the degree, Done the time + made the mistakes so you don't have to.. This is your fast track to reno success wrapped up in a straightforward practical (yet still fun) package


No more wasting time madly googling and then sifting through page after page of useless information. Our blog is an ever-growing resource of information at your fingertips...

hi there,


I help homeowners start, navigate and nail their home reno or new build journey…

Because even if you don’t have a Kim K sized budget, I believe wholeheartedly that everybody, that YOU deserve to have a home you love, love living in, and one you are proud to show off to all your friends and fam…

We are on a mission to demystify + simplify the home reno process so homeowners can ‘do this’ confidently + successfully.

We provide the knowledge, tools, and support you need to stop dreaming,
finally start & nail your reno...the first time...



and really what’s the point without some [or a lot ] of inspo…

This is a fantastic resource full of practical information. I had been procrastinating for what seems forever about starting and I just needed a push in the right direction.. And somewhere to ask questions.
This delivered and more… in a few short weeks. I finally felt in control. Even my husband who started off as a sceptic.. Is raving about the level of information included.



It’s already paid for itself… and we haven’t even officially started! Best money i’ve spend in awhile.



Thanks very much, Sarah….you have done a wonderful job….you have certainly got the talent for garden design. Such a quality job.


Garden Design

I’m a busy person. I dont have the time, or the patience for that matter to work it all out myself. So the no nonsense approach was exactly what I wanted and needed. And I dont have the time money to engage all the expensive professionals to ‘maybe’ tell me what I need to know. So stumbling across TZR was a godsend. I have already spent hours trying to go it alone..and now I don’t have to.


Reno + Extension


We do this thing where we email aspiring home renovators free tips + tactics + inspo every week… so they get a head start of their reno journey….   

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