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Continuing our chat, and discussion with Bernie Trembath from Queensland Bushfire Planning about the role of the Bushfire Hazard Consultant in a renovation project.

Are you aware that you don’t actually need to live right next to a large area of bush to be impacted by the potential risk of bushfire? Bushfire becoming a bigger issue by the day.. and it has implications for any renovation or new build project. 

There’s no doubt about it, we live in a throwaway society. Are you aware that renovating or demolishing a house to build …

Home renovation can be an emotional rollercoaster ride for the unprepared. Let's face it, most of us will do it once maybe twice in our lifetime.

There is an enormous amount to time and money wasted in the renovation industry. And like all the other forms of waste. alot of it is avoidable.

The Renovation process is full of waste...not just the physical building waste, but the time, money and emotional wastage too.

When renovating your home, it just so important to understand the consequences (and cost) of your decisions, before you commit to them.  A seemingly simple choice can have far-reaching consequences if you don't understand all the implications.

‘Why don’t people value good design?’. While people renovate to make their home better meet their needs, they dont want to pay for design.

And in this very last instalment of our Renovation Alphabet, we explore the U’s, the V’s,  the W’s and the X, Y & Z’s of Renovation.

One of the biggest concerns people have when considering a renovation is budget blowouts and losing control of their project.Understanding your funding commitments and your cash flow is a crucial part of gaining and staying in control of your project, both financially and emotionally.

Continuing on with our Renovation Alphabet, here is a summary of the Q’s, R’s, S’s And T’s of Renovation.

If your thinking of renovating your current home or looking to buy one to renovate, it’s oh so important that you understand its renovation potential. So what is Renovation Potential?