Renovation on a Budget

There’s no denying budget is an unavoidable part of renovating or building a new home, and as most of us don’t have an unlimited one, we want to be doubly sure to get the most value for every single cent we invest in our future lifestyle.- and a question I get asked a lot is how to renovate one a budget and still get maximum impact.


If you have met me before you know I love me a  good quote and this one from  John Wooden, an American Basketball Coach who said “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

And it’s true some things make a bigger impression than others, and these things tend to leave a lasting impression so if you focus on these things you’ll inevitably get great bang for your hard-earned buck.

Unfortunately, the vast majority don’t have an open checkbook to get all beautiful things or include everything we want into our dream homes, which means decisions need to be made… and some of them are hard. 

Fortunately, unlike the exterior of your house – where once the size and shape are decided it’s difficult to make changes – you can re-specify interior items all the way through the design process, saving money where and when you need to. Just keep in mind changes during the construction phase will cost you…

So with this in mind, I’m going to share my top 5 ways to get a huge impact regardless of the size of your budget so if you want tips on where to spend your hard-earned money so you get the most impact and are looking for ways to cut costs creatively and still get the look you are after then this video is for you so stick around. 

Watch the VIDEO here

Tell us here have you saved heaps of $$ and not compromised the look and the impact?

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