Igniting a Renovation Revolution


The residential renovation industry is currently fragmented and costing you unnecessary time and money.  It discourages people from even starting their renovation and puts many projects, including yours potentially at risk.


But the tide is about to turn (and desperately needs to). Change is long overdue.

It’s time for a revolution – a RENOVATION REVOLUTION.




Hi, my name is Sarah and together with my husband, Phil, we are dedicated to leveling the renovation playing field by providing cohesion and clarity, eliminating waste and saying goodbye to the reno horror story.



We know, from experience, that any renovation project, if approached the right way can be a successful one.  


A renovation approached the right way will give you MORE


MORE time to focus on the right decisions

MORE bang for your buck

MORE confidence

MORE (or greater) function and livability


And it turns out in some areas LESS can actually be MORE


LESS Stress



Creating and enabling change will ultimately be to the benefit of everyone involved (but particularly potential renovators).

We’re over continually seeing people struggle to firstly GET STARTED on their renovation project, struggle to get the info they need, struggle to get the right team on board, struggle with the overload of advice and information bombarding them…. Lots and lots of struggle….you get the picture…. And if they do take the plunge and start it’s often in the wrong place.




A revolution is needed to change the experiences and outcomes of everyone in the industry, but especially the ones renovators have. There is an enormous amount of wastage that currently goes hand in hand with renovating a home:






not to mention the







Currently, there is little cohesion within the whole reno process – most of the industry pieces work totally or semi-independently, only coming together when it is necessary which leaves endless opportunities for things to be missed or to go awry.

Creating waste and potentially costing you time and money.

But wait there’s more –  let’s not forget the horror stories you have heard or read about,  most of which are completely avoidable, by the way.


Make no mistake there is a price to be paid for all this chaos and waste, more often than not it is a hefty one – and worse still the bill will be inevitably be addressed to you – the renovator.



But it doesn’t need to (and shouldn’t) be this way.
Things need to change.


And that change starts now, so you can confidently start (and finish) your reno project knowing that the odds are finally in your favour.




WHAT WE KNOW (and you need to know too) IS THIS:


The war on waste is winnable
It’s how you approach your renovation that will make the difference.


Misconceptions and misinformation abound
We’ll show you how to deal with them or how to avoid them altogether.


Horror stories can become a thing of the past
There’s so much advice and overwhelming amounts of information but who’s got time for that – We sift through the quagmire for you, saving you time and money.


Good advice is priceless,
We’ll help you decide when to seek it and how to find it.


Clarity and Cohesion are critical
The collective industry mindset needs to change. so that everyone wins. Respect and understanding of the expertise they bring and the role they play in the process needs to be better established between the all the players.






  • Anything that relates in any way to a renovation or building project is fair game and we will address and explore it, and open up discussion.


  • We commit to being honest and independent


  • We answer all the ‘dumb’ questions – although in reality there is no such thing.  Because you can’t be expected to know what you don’t know – but rest assured that you are in the right place.


  • Your not alone – we are here to help, guide and educate you.




We venture where others don’t (or won’t) and delve deeper……. in order to give you the knowledge and therefore the power to confidently take control of your project, and stay in control.

So you don’t have to waste your valuable time, endlessly searching, fingers crossed hoping to find the holy grail…



Finding the right approach that best suits both you and your project is the key to success.


The RENOVATION REVOLUTION will to shake up the industry and plant a seed to change the climate of the industry –  so everyone’s a winner.



Just because something is the way it is or has always been,  doesn’t mean it should stay that way.

Everything can be better.




This is not another DIY or inspirational blog – we want to become a resource for those of you dreaming of renovating your home, those who don’t know where to start, those who have started and may have gone awry ( and desperately need a push, shove and or helping hand to get back on track)

From time to time, however, we’ll show you inspirational eye-candy because that’s part of the fun of a reno project too.


This is THE place to come to get the information needed from an independent source. One that presents all the options available to you so you can make an informed decision based on quality advice.




WE’RE DIFFERENT (so we can make a difference).

To be clear, we are not a residential designer/ architect or a builder but we do have experience working with both (and have the utmost respect for what they do and the role they play).

This gives us a unique perspective on the industry and allows us to objectively view and understand where it can be improved to benefit you.


Our blog endeavors to share these observations and findings with you.


Let’s work together to change the climate of the renovation Industry, so we all win.




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