Independent Advice – What is it and Why do you need it?


When undertaking a renovation project, it can be difficult to get good unbiased independent advice.


The renovation process is a complex one, at the best of times. Everyone seems to have an agenda, An agenda that is not always in line with what you want or what you need.  To get the most out of it you need to make the best choice for you each step of the way. Wisely choosing your project team is one of these critical choices.


It is important to understand that you have many options and choices throughout your renovation journey. There are often many different ways of tackling every aspect of your project. Getting the most out of, and for your money is achieved by you making the best decision at each stage of your project.


Seeking Independent advice will let you know about all the choices you have, what it means and the implication to you about choosing each one -so you end up with the best result for you.


‘ Seeking out independent, specialised advice early, can help to ensure you get the best solution and value for money, and not just an acceptable one. ’



So what is independent advice?

Independent advice essentially means that the person giving you the advice ‘is NOT influenced by others and that they DON’T act for themselves with their agenda at the forefront.”  



Is that advice really independent?

 Independent advice can be hard advice to come by.


Take for example a Design & Construct builder. Essentially, as their name suggests, these types of builders offer design and construction services.  They promote themselves as a one-stop-shop. Don’t get me wrong, they have a place in the process and if you choose the right one then you can have an enjoyable experience BUT don’t be fooled that they have your specific needs as their priority.


They can be an easy choice for many. They’ll take care of everything for you, So it follows that your renovation journey will be easy. You’re thinking –  there’ll be fewer headaches and it’ll be obvious what your getting – right? And best of all,  you get the design for free, saving you money. Sadly, not necessarily. This supposed peace of mind can come at a price – and I’m not just not talking money here, with strings attached. These type of builders usually incorporate design services – But ask yourself is that designer the best choice for your project or is the builder’s agenda (and bottom line)their priority?


Design & Construct firms generally have a designer on board who often designs with the building process as their priority.  This can come at the expense of uncovering the best design solution to suit your specific needs.


These builders sometimes ‘throw in’ the design plans for “free’. Saving you money – right?  Be aware – These design plans are not yours, so you can’t take them to other builders to get competitive prices to compare. If you don’t proceed with the builder – they aren’t your plans to keep unless you have an agreement in place that says you can take them with you.


Ask yourself

  • Is this the situation you want to be in?
  • Are you really saving money if you can’t get competitive pricing?
    You might think your ‘saving money’ on design fees but if you can’t put you build out to competitive tender then you need to ask yourself –  how can you be sure that are you really getting the best value for your money.
  • Is the design, in fact, the best design for your home?  Don’t forget a house can be well built but if not designed well can adversely affect your day to day living for years to come.


It’s not looking like the same win-win scenario now, is it? That advice isn’t looking quite so independent. There are lots of compromises are likely to be needed – and usually by you.

So in the interests of a successful renovation project that unfolds with your needs and wants as its priority and focus:


5 reasons independence advice is your new best friend

Here are some reasons why independent advice is worth the effort.


It allows you to take a fully tailored approach to your project.

Make sure that the solution is tailored to your needs, not one that is trying to fit your needs within someone else’s systems or scope. Make sure you can make an informed decision as to what path you choose and who to put on your team.



It allows you to make the best decisions every time.

Renovation projects are made up of many parts and finding the best solution can be achieved using an independent advisor who can specify the most suitable solution for each specific part.




Your future needs are taken into account.

An independent advisor will consider and allow for your immediate and long-term needs.


It allows you to get an open & honest evaluation of your project

An independent advisor will openly and honestly evaluate the project because their priority is you. They can provide advice and options to give you the full picture so you can make an informed decision.




 It will save you money

An Independent advisor will present things to you in an unbiased, easy to understand way so that comparisons are fair and like for like. Their experience and expertise can save you thousands over the course of your project.


Worth the effort to find

The renovation process is complex and there are often many different ways of tackling every aspect of a renovation project.  Searching for and finding the right independent advice means that your needs are the priority every time.


It can seem hard to find at times but it’ll be worth the effort.


You’ll be glad you did.

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