Pssst……Want to know the secret to renovation success?


Contrary to the endless tales of renovation horror and stress that regularly circulate, it is possible to have a great renovation experience. Your renovation project can come in on time, on budget, and give you the result you’ve always dreamt of and…be an enjoyable experience too. This post is all about uncovering the secret to renovation success.


Sound too good to be true? Trust me it’s not.

But I hear you asking 

If it is true, then why isn’t everybody doing it?


So What’s The Secret?


I can honestly say, from personal experience, both having worked in the residential building industry and having been involved personally in numerous renovation projects, that the answer is actually quite simple.


It all comes down to:

the level and the degree of smart preparation and planning work, you do before and during your renovation.


Knowledge is power when you are renovating. Whether you get that knowledge from trusted professionals or find out for yourself – it is an unavoidable (and often overlooked) step if you want to succeed.


To help you understand the importance of planning


Picture This Scenario


You need to get to a specific destination but you have

–   Limited time
–   Limited fuel
–   No idea of how to get there
–   You’ve had a bad week so you just want it to happen and not stress you out more.



So which approach would you take to get where you need to go, in the most efficient way?


Is it the’She’ll Be Right’ way


DO YOU TAKE A ‘SHE’LL BE RIGHT ‘ATTITUDE & JUST JUMP IN YOUR CAR AND JUST WING IT? ( this applies to more of us than you think!)

Do you Just start driving in the general direction you need to go, hoping for the best.? Making a few wrong turns, maybe running into a bit of traffic,  having to react as roadblocks crop up along the way. All the time hoping that you’ll make it to your destination in time with your fingers crossed that you’ll encounter a Petrol Station or even get there before you run out of fuel.


Or do you stop and think it through?



Do you first take the time to ensure your destination is the right one, then you take a minute to input it into your GPS system knowing, it will find the best route options for you take. You then decide the best route for you based on your specific criteria – do you choose to take a toll-route, which is faster but costs more or a regular road – which will cost nothing but could take longer.  

Your GPS gives you clear directions on where to go during your trip to get your chosen destination.  It continually recalibrates your route to allow for any variables that will inevitably crop up and potentially affect your trip –  like traffic congestion or road closures. If something unforeseen occurs, like an accident, your GPS will give you alternative routes to take so that you stay on track to your final destination.  

Reaction versus pro-action

REACTION ( The ‘Wing it’ Approach)

The reactive approach is similar to the current way of most people interact with the building industry. It can be an ad-hoc, hit and miss experience with the renovator dealing with things as they crop up and often as a result having to make deviations to keep the journey going.  Often at the expense of their time, money and focus.



PROACTION  ( The ‘Planned’ Approach)

Masterplanning can be likened to proactively using a GPS to assist you in getting to your destination (your dream home).  It gives you a defined pathway route with clear steps on how to get there. Most importantly, It ensures you stay focused on your final destination (your project goals) ensuring you get there quickly and efficiently.

Success doesn’t just happen, it is planned for.



The great, and wise, Abrahan Lincoln summed up the benefit of planning when he famously said


“ Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I will spend four hours sharpening the ax ” ‘


So heed his words and mine and put yourself in the best position for a successful renovation and PLAN FOR RENOVATION SUCCESS


Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

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