Waste, Waste, (not so glorious) Renovation Waste

Waste, waste not so glorious waste. There is renovation waste everywhere. The renovation game is full of it. To be clear, by waste, we’re talking about not just physical building waste (and don’t get us wrong, there’s lots of it)

We’re talking about the enormous amounts of money and time that gets wasted daily. and then… there’s the emotional ‘waste’ or toll aka stress… which put together can add up to an often expensive, time-consuming roller coaster ride. And to add insult to injury, most of it ends up in the homeowners’ lap whether or not you are directly responsible for it.

Unnecessary Waste

But it doesn’t need to be this way, We are on a mission to reduce this largely avoidable waste issue especially in the renovation game…we’ll take on the world next.

By all jokes aside, Every aspect of the renovation industry and process is full of waste. and the good news, a lot of it is avoidable, if you take the right approach to renovating your home.

Start Here

It all starts with knowledge, planning and realistic expectations.  There doesn’t need to the horror stories that abound or worse are an expected !? and accepted part of the renovation process.

We find it pretty alarming that there seems to be a certain amount of acceptance that things will happen a certain way – think about the adage renovating will take twice as long and cost twice as much as you think.  

Wrong – it doesn’t need to be this way…. if you have planned your renovation and have realistic expectations and are knowledgeable, this is by no means a given outcome.

It's All About Reduction

One of the most obvious ways to start is to tackle the complex issue of across the board waste reduction.   

Currently, there is little cohesion within the whole renovation process – most of the industry pieces work totally or semi-independently, only coming together only when it is necessary which leaves endless opportunities for things to be missed or to go awry.

This results in waste and make no mistake, there is a price to be paid for all this waste, more often than not it is a hefty one in terms of time and money – and worse still the bill will be inevitably be addressed to you – the renovator.  

BUT the majority of it is completely AVOIDABLE, we just need to adjust our way of thinking and the way we approach the industry for the betterment of all, including the environment.

What A Waste...

Waste is such a big issue, that we can’t cover in one post, so we’ve broken it down into 3 parts: 

  • The first part will explore money and time wastage.
  • Emotional Waste and last but by no means least,
  • We’ll explore the issue of physical waste.

So stay tuned over the next few weeks, we’re exploring waste, in our 3 part series, ‘What a waste…’

Read the series Here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Until next time…


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