The Elusive Beginning Part 2- Understand Your Project Vision



The way you start your renovation project is critical to its ultimate success. One of the things you need to do early is to identify your VISION for your renovation project.


Many people go wrong because they jump into their project too quickly. They go straight to a builder or an architect without first taking into consideration a few critical things.

We’ve already discussed the importance of understanding your finances and what you can actually afford in our post ‘The Elusive Beginning – How to find it and get started’

Having a defined high-level goal will give you focus and clarity throughout your project so you can more easily stay on track.


A vision is a mental picture of the result you ultimately want to achieve.


This isn’t a vague wish or dream or hope. It’s a picture of the real results of real efforts.



‘ Defining your VISION is one the BEST ways
to ensure you get the results you want. ‘




Why is having a VISION so important?

So why is a having a CLEAR VISION for your project so important?:


Well, it primarily because 

  • A vision inspires you to act, to actually start.
  • A powerful vision will inspire you to commit to your project, to persist with it and to give it your all. Renovating is a very personal journey no matter how you approach it.
  • A vision is a practical guide for making decisions and coordinating and evaluating everything to do with your project.
  • A vision helps keep you focused, especially when the going gets tough, and stress starts to creep in.


What defines your VISION?

The characteristics of a ClEAR VISION is that it needs to be:


Be clear

Your Vision needs to be so sharp and so detailed that you can see, smell and taste it.


Be positive

Your Vision needs to acknowledge that there may be difficulties, but don’t try to motivate yourself with a vision of bad things that might happen if you don’t succeed. Think – ‘Stay in control of my project’ not ‘avoid budget blowouts”


Think Big

You need to create a VISION that inspires you gets you excited. A vision that’s too small may close your mind to the possibilities of what you could achieve.

It’s important to include a clear picture of your personal role, It’s about you taking full responsibility for helping achieve the results you want.


A Personal Journey

Remember this is an intensely personal journey.


Your vision needs to come from your heart, not your head. Don’t try and force this. To create a vision that’s exciting and compelling, you’ve got to give yourself the freedom to dream—to use your imagination to see and feel what does not yet exist.



Think Big QUote





From the Heart

A vision is not the same as goals or objectives; those come from the head. A vision comes from the heart.


Always think about what your “why” is. Keep that with you throughout the project. It will get you through a lot of challenging times and help you make difficult decisions during your project.



‘  Vision is merely a dream without action  ‘

Joel Barker



So seek to understand your VISION then ACT on it.


Cover Photo by Avantgarde Concept on Unsplash


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