What a waste…the Renovation rollercoaster


Home renovation is not something that we all take to easily or well. Let’s face it, most of us will do it once maybe twice in our lifetime. Even those experienced in it can struggle at times.  It can seem a fairly simple exercise at first– after all, the internet tells us daily that there’s pretty much nothing we can’t do for ourselves, All you need to do is ‘Google’ it. But the old adage ‘if something seems too good to be true, that’s because it usually is..’   We’re here to tell you there’s a little bit more to renovation then the blogs and the TV shows let on… and it can be a stressful journey for the unprepared. There’s a reason they call it an emotional ‘rollercoaster ride.’

To make matters worse, it’s usually not until you are past the point of no return that you realise just what you’ve gotten yourself into…If this all sounds pretty scary… and you’re wondering if it is worth all this….you might want to know that if it’s done right – it’s more that worth the ride, and it possible to keep the emotional toll to a minimum.


Personal means Emotional

Emotions play a huge role in any renovation project. Its a personal journey after all. This is your future, possibly even forever house you’re dealing with after all. This could be your one shot…Your hopes and expectations are high, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. You find yourself consumed by the renovation, the decisions you are asked to make seem endless and you never seem to get your hands out of your wallet.  

You’ve heard the stories…the endless horror stories – not getting what you want, budget blowouts, dodgy builders…need we go on?  Bring on the feelings of stress and anxiety, not to mention a dose or two of overwhelm.

The renovation process involves an enormous number of decisions, that can seem endless if you are unprepared. And this is even before the construction phase begins. Once construction your home will start (if you’re living in) to feel like its no longer yours and that your life is in a constant state of chaos. You can also easily stress yourself out about the financial side.


Smart planning is the key

Is there anything you can do to limit these distressing feelings?

The main weapon at your disposal to combat these feelings is to preparation and planning and having a cohesive vision.

In fact, all successful renovation start with smart planning, The best way to cope with a renovation and stay in control is through being prepared and through smart planning.   

A clear vision of what you want to achieve and why gives you the focus you need to stay on track. If you know what you want and how you are going to get there, you have a better chance of staying in control.

This is one of the steps that people miss – yet it’s so critical. And will save you many a sleepless night.


‘ This is one of the steps that people miss – yet it’s so critical. ‘


The rollercoaster ride from hell

Poor planning makes you feel out of control (Hello Rollercoaster) which amplified any stress you may experience.  Enter Vicious Circle and you’ll find yourself starting to make rash off the cuff decisions and so it goes the spiral starts …Which can amp up your emotional roller coaster, making you make rash decisions…

So what to do?


Take your Time

Don’t rush to act. Many renovators make costly mistakes is they believe they have to do it all very quickly. Know what needs to be done and by when and what the implications of your decisions are.

Emotional waste is just that waste and is mostly avoidable. So take control of your project, by being focused, prepared and plan your renovation carefully.

The aim is to have a great renovation experience so jump on the roller coaster that will give you the highs without the lows.

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